Australian Indigenous Prayer Network Associations
 AIPNA is a National Indigenous Prayer Network that is designed to link Indigenous Ministries together throughout Australia.

  • To stand in agreement on behalf of our land, to see God do miracles in our Indigenous communities and non-Indigenuos communities.
  • To see the fire of God fall on all those Ministries/individuals that desire more of God and desire to tap into the spiritual realm and demand change to take place in the natural.
  • To see the Churches walk in the fullness of Gods anointing and glory, that people will experience the God of the living, the God that heals and brings back to life, that God that hears our prayers and changes circumstances and the God that heals the broken hearted.
  • To pray and fast until we see manifested results in our lives, families, communities, cities, work places etc
  • To invite the God of Israel back into our Churches and allow Him to take complete control.
  • To support the Ministries that are struggling across Australia, supporting them by giving fiancially, praying with them and serving them in whatever way we can.





  1. Hi

    My name is Dawn, I am not indigenous but have Indigenous sisters in Christ. I was praying today and saw in my vision streams of Aboriginal people walking to wards a large gathering which seemed to be in the Riverina Area – thousands walking towards a large space. It was like God was showing me there this area will become like a meeting place Where indigenous Christians from all over would come to heal and learn. I felt really excited

    Just had to share it with you


  2. I am Pastor Fred W.Wakula , from the DR Congo , South Kivu province, and I am serving the Lord here by preaching the Gospel to the lost and planting Church here and there in the Country.

    So please , I would like to request you to stand with us in prayers as we struggle with evangelism and Church planting in this Country , that the God Holy Spirit will move with us and meet some Ministry needs.

    Thank you so much for the good work that you are doing.
    I will be happy to reading from you soon.

    Truly your fellow Brother in the Lord , Pastor Fred W. Wakula

  3. Nice website!!

  4. Amanda Hegarty Says:

    I am very proud of you my sister TOO DEADLY?

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